sci-fi no more: 3d printing suppliers


Let’s say you want to create your own light fixture.  If you can model in 3D, then having rapid prototypes machined or printed has become incredibly easy and relatively cheap to do.  It opens up an entire new world of possibilities for designers, especially those of installation art or projects that are “pushing the edge of the envelope.”

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the light engine of the future

Today I took the time to explore Dutch Design Week, to tour the immense range of offerings scattered throughout the city of Eindhoven.  A dazzling display of aesthetic, technical, and programmatic creativity, DDW showcases top creative talent from across the country, ranging from college kids in design, art, architecture, multimedia and fashion degrees, from individual artists to the powerhouse design brands. Stepping back, there were clear trends.  Sustainable thinking was a huge component of the show, with countless examples of innovative uses of alternative natural materials, use of recycled man-made materials, and systemic circular economy product designs tied to innovative … Continue reading the light engine of the future