My big announcement

I am thrilled to announce a new chapter in my career: Next week I will be joining iP2Entertainment in Amsterdam. I look forward to meeting everyone on the iP2 team and diving into the amazing projects that are underway.

I would like to thank the many great colleagues I’ve worked with here at Philips Lighting over the past six years. I wish you all success. Wednesday is my last day.

I will be wrapping up my 20-year career in the lighting industry in two weeks when I speak at the Strategies in Light conference in Long Beach. Forecasting the future of lighting one last time will be a nice conclusion to my journey.

I’m very happy to be joining the themed entertainment industry – which was always my dream. A whole new world awaits…


Don’t worry, Lucept has been a nice little hobby of mine for so long, I won’t stop it anytime soon.

Lucept is now 9 years old and over that time, I’ve made 794 posts and recorded 393,195 views from 92,487 visitors. Not too shabby for a silly little blog for hardcore lighting nerds, especially since I’ve only posted an average of 1.7 posts per week and don’t post any click-bait garbage. Frankly, I don’t even care if I get traffic, I treat this as my innovation journal, albeit one that I keep open to the world.

My focus in lighting has always been on creative new experiential uses of light — stemming of course directly from my personal obsession with entertainment design like theme park design, stage set design, cinema, etc. Now I’m just swapping my obsession for my profession…finally!


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